Kors Lighting Co.,Ltd
Our company does professional design, production, sales, and integrates lamp enterprises. Products have included: Outdoor Wall Lights,Bulkhead Lights,Garden Lights,Garden Post Lights,Lawn Lights,Underwater Lights,Underground Lights,Recessed Wall Lights,LED Flood Lights,LED Wall Washer,LED Street Lights and Solar Lights,etc.
The plant has experienced engineering and technical personnel as well as a mature sophisticated manufacturing process and production equipment. It is a plant with good quality products and reasonable prices. Its sophisticated modeling won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign merchants. These products are sold in the rest of the world.
We are good at innovation, and bold reform is consistent in our factory operation. Excellence is the goal of our plant. We welcome calls to negotiate the guide map. We will be continuously updating and making higher quality products. Let us create totally green lighting products for you.
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